Removal of rust from a break disc using JETLASER

Quality that convinces

The JETLASER removes rust, oils, lacquers and other coatings without damaging the surface of your components.
  • No damage to substrates
  • Perfect surface cleanliness
  • No carried over blasting material or grinding dust
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Save money and protect the environment


operating costs




No blasting material,
no dry ice,
no chemicals

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Flexible & mobile cleaning

Our lasers require almost no consumables and are particularly energy efficient. And the dry laser process minimizes cleaning residues like no other technology.
  • Robust systems for mobile use
  • Flexible application areas and easy parameter selection
  • Ergonomic control panel and professional accessories for laser protection and occupational safety
  • Bring the solution to your cleaning problem - whether built-in tools or pressure rollers, building facades or engine parts
  • With the JETLASER you can clean where it is necessary – often without expensive dismantling and long downtimes



You want perfect surfaces?

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The contents at a glance:
  1. JETLASER functions explained in detail
  2. The life cycle assesment of the JETLASER
  3. Examples from well-known industries

Surface cleaning with light - our JETLASER family

Put your trust in the pioneer in laser cleaning with over two decades of experience.

Non-contact cleaning with light was first implemented industrially in the mid-90s by the pioneers of JETLASER. Since then, the technology has evolved breathtakingly: Our cleaning lasers are fast, affordable and reliable and hundreds of companies worldwide rely on 4JET technology to process their surfaces.

Reduce consumption & improve efficiency


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from 4JET?

Because you can rely on us. 4JET stands for 4 promises:
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    Designed and Manufactured in Germany with branded components from leading suppliers: From maintenance-free fiber laser to safety control with intuitive touch panel operation. 

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    24/7 at your site

    Our systems are durable and we offer up to 3 years warranty. If something still fails, we provide support around the clock and, if necessary, on site worldwide.

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    Technology leader

    Like no other supplier, we combine attractive investment costs, ergonomics, performance and comprehensive services to create the leading solution package for laser cleaning.

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    Our inherent safety design, superior ergonomics, professional laser protection accessories and comprehensive consulting make the JETLASER a safe tool.

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